Category: 2006

Machine & Tool Dept. notified of NIMS program credit

– (11/13/06)

Old Colony’s Machine & Tool Technology Program has been notified of recent NIMS Certified Program credit. Pennsylvania College of Technology is currently a certified NIMS testing site, which will provide an opportunity for our students to pursue advance placement within their Machinist Technology Associates Degree and Manufacturing Engineering Technology Bachelor Degree Programs.

Students successfully completing Basic Metal Working 1-2 and Lathe Applications 1-2 will be offered course credit at no additional charge.

Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School’s Machine & Tool Technology Program became NIMS Certified in February 2005.

Old Colony to continue S.O.S. program participation

– (11/13/06)

The Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School District, at the request of the Assistant Superintendent/Principal, will continue its participation in the S.O.S. Suicide Prevention Program. The program is sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

The S.O.S. (Signs of Suicide) Program has been implemented in more than 1,300 schools nationwide. The program teaches students about the link between suicide and depression, and that suicide is preventable. Students who participate in the S.O.S. Program achieve a greater understanding of the importance of identifying risk in themselves and others.

Additional information about the S.O.S. Program can be received from Guidance Counselors Susan Abaray, Robert Sherman, and Anne Spirlet in the Old Colony Guidance Office (Phone: 508-763-8011, ext. 126).

Eight named to 2006-07 Student Support Team

– (11/13/06)

The District School Committee at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School is pleased to announce the appointment of eight staff members to the 2006-2007 Student Support Team. The Team assists at-risk members of the student body as identified by the professional staff. The intervention program has successfully assisted numerous students over the years.

The faculty and staff members are:

  • John Abaray (Cullinary Arts Department)
  • Jana Baroa (Special Education)
  • Gina Despres (English Department)
  • Nancy Francis (Mathematics Department)
  • Deborah Herrmann (English Department)
  • Francis Mello (Machine and Tool Department)
  • Stuart Norton (Carpentry Department)
  • Robert Sherman (Guidance Department)

Automotive instructors attend alumni graduation

– (11/13/06)

Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School’s Automotive instructors, Dennis Frates and Donald Mosher, recently attended the graduation of Acushnet residents Gordon Boardman and Joshua Sorenson (Class of 2005). The students graduated on October 27, 2006, from the Universal Technical Institute in Norwood, MA. While attending U.T.I., the students completed the year-long Ford Training Program, where they received extensive training in the working of a Ford.

Presently, Gordon Boardman and Joshua Sorenson have elected to continue their education by attending the Audi Training Program in Pennsylvania.

BCC & OC Electrical Dept. enter into articulation agreement

– (11/13/06)

Bristol Community College and Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School have entered into an Engineering Cluster Articulation Agreement.

Old Colony’s Electrical students attending BCC will receive seven (7) credits towards an Engineering Program degree. The articulation program builds on past experience and eliminates duplication of instruction. Students who have fulfilled the objectives of the identified college specialty area through the completion of secondary level coursework in the Electrical Shop Program at Old Colony and who are designated competent in this subject matter will be granted permission to waive and receive credit for courses at Bristol Community College.

OC gets REAP grant for support services

– (11/3/06)

For the fifth consecutive year, Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School is the recipient of a grant award under the Rural Education Achievement Program’s (REAP) Small Rural School Achievement Grant. The $40,585.00 in federal funds will be used to provide supportive services to the most needy students in the school.

OC gets Title V Innovative Programs Grant

– (10/30/06)

Old Colony has received notification from the Massachusetts Department of Education that the school is the recipient of a Title V Innovative Programs Grant. The purpose of the grant program is to provide support to students at risk of failing one or more of their subjects. A Student Support Team, comprised of members of the professional staff, develop intervention strategies designed specifically for each individual student.

School Committee member honored by MASC

– (10/16/06)

A member of the District School Committee at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School has been selected to the MASC All-State School Committee. Massachusetts Association of School Committees (MASC) annually recognizes a small number of school committee members in the Commonwealth for exceptional service to children.

Mrs. Linda Enos, an Acushnet resident, was notified of her appointment recently by Maurice Hancock, MASC 2006 President. In nominating Mrs. Enos, Mr. Hancock stated, “this honor recognizes your contributions to the children of the Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School District, both through your years of service on the school committee and through the many activities in which you participate as an advocate for children.”

This award will be presented at a special awards luncheon on Friday, November 10, 2006, during the MASS/MASC Annual Joint Conference in Hyannis. Mrs. Enos has served on the Old Colony School Committee for eight years.

Fall Advisory Committee meetings held

– (10/12/06)

The Fall meetings for the Chapter 74 Program Advisory Committee at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School were held on October 11, 2006. One committee exists for each of the vocational technical programs at the school.

Under the requirements of M.G.L. Chapter 74, each vocational technical program at the school must have an Advisory Committee comprised of representatives of local businesses and industry (related to the program area), organized labor, parents, and students. The Advisory Committee assists school personnel on equipment acquisitions, curriculum, instructional methods, and program evaluation.

The meetings of the various committees began with dinner prepared and served by the Culinary Arts Department at Old Colony. The various committees then met in respective laboratories and shops with the Old Colony instructors.

District School Committee adopts 3 policies

– (10/2/06)

The Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School District Committee adopted three polices at its meeting on September 20, 2006. The policies place the District in compliance with revised federal and state regulations.

The policies are:

NEPN Code: GCCC – “Staff Family and Medical Leave”
NEPN Code: ADF – “School District Wellness Policy”
NEPN Code: IHBEA – “Education for English Language Learners”
Community residents interested in receiving copies may contact the Office of the Superintendent-Director at 508-763-8011, ext. 116.

Anger Management Group continues at OC

– (10/2/06)

Old Colony continues to offer an Anger Management Group conducted during the school day. Melissa Whelan, School Adjustment Counselor and Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, and Anne Spirlet, Guidance Counselor and Licensed Mental Health Clinician, run the group.

The group is not mandatory or a requirement of the school. The purpose of the group is to help students learn how to recognize triggers that make them angry and more appropriate methods of handling their anger. Each student meets individually to discuss the purpose of this group, as well as elicit their attendance. Parental permission is required for student participation.

Further information concerning the program can be received by calling Anne Spirlet at Old Colony 508-763-8011, ext. 128.

School Improvement Plan adopted for 2006-2007

– (10/2/06)

The Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School District Committee adopted the 2006-2007 District School Improvement Plan, as required by the Massachusetts Education Reform Act, at its meeting on September 20, 2006. The Plan was prepared and recommended by the Old Colony School Council.

State Certified Nurses Aide Program Re-approved

– (9/12/06)

Old Colony RVTHS has been issued re-approval for the State Certified Nurses Aide Program by the Division of Health Care Quality. Students in their junior year go through a series of hands-on preparation and skill training in-house and at a local nursing home.

Upon completion of their skill training, students are tested on written and performance skills, to obtain their CNA certification. The re-approval is a major component of the Vocational Technical Curriculum Frameworks.

Power Mechanics Program accreditation continues

– (9/12/06)

The District School Committee at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School is pleased to announce the continued accreditation of the Power Mechanics Program by the Equipment & Engine Training Council. The Council is located in Wisconsin.

The Massachusetts Department of Education is anxious to have Career and Technical Programs accredited by third party national boards of certification. Old Colony’s accreditation is in keeping with this state initiative and, more importantly, serves as a positive credential for students who successfully complete the Power Mechanics Program.

Staff member, Carl Hoines, who is responsible for the certification, is available to respond to questions concerning Old Colony’s national certification.

Faculty members recogized for 30 years of service

– (9/5/06)

Three faculty members at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School have been recognized for completing 30 years of exemplary service to the students of the District. The teachers, recognized and awarded, included:

  • Donald Mosher (Automotive Department)
  • Robert Francis (House & Mill Carpentry Department)
  • A. Michael Sirrico (Business Department)