School Committee

The Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School District Committee is a fifteen member governing body responsible for the policies and budget of the regional high school. Each town in the district has three members serving a three-year term.

Community residents may contact individual members of the Committee by calling the District Committee Secretary, Mrs. Jolene Costa at (508) 763-8011, ext. 116. Copies of the meeting agendas are also available from Mrs. Costa.

2021-2022 District School Committee Officers Elected

The District School Committee at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School conducted its annual re-organizational meeting in May of 2021. The Committee is pleased to announce the results of its election of officers for 2021-2022.

Chairman – Mrs. Shirley Bourque
Vice-Chairman – Mr. David Hughes, Rochester
Secretary – Mrs. Jolene Costa
Treasurer – Mrs. Kristie Costa
Assistant Treasurer – Ms. Evelyn Bouley, Acushnet

For further information concerning the Old Colony District Committee, please call the office of the Superintendent-Director at (508) 763-8011, ext. 116.

2021-2022 District Committee Membership    


Ms. Evelyn Bouley, term expires 2022
Mr. Justin Brodeur, term expires 2023
*Mr. Maurice St. Amand, term expires 2024


Mrs. Joanne Puskar, term expires 2023
**Mrs. Maureen Townsend, term expires 2024


Mr. Robert Marshall, term expires 2022
Mr. Gary Mansfield, term expires 2023
*Mr. Donald Foster, term expires 2024


Mr. Richard Gamache, term expires 2022
Mr. Stephen Cassidy, term expires 2023
*Ms. Nancy Souza, Term expires 2024


Mr. David Hughes, term expires 2022
Mrs. Sharon Cruz, term expires 2023
*Ms. Shirley Bourque, term expires 2024

* Reappointed
** Newly Appointed


Link to Summary of Superintendent-Director’s Evaluation

Link to Old Colony’s Policy Manual

Link to Student Absences and Excuses  Policy (pg. 24 of J Section JA-JII.pdf) revised in January of 2019

Link to Physical Restraint of Students Policy (pg. 22 of J Section JJ-JRD.pdf) revised in January of 2019

Link to Student Discipline Policy (pg. 30 of J Section JA-JII.pdf)

The Old Colony School District Committee typically meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 6:00 pm in the Old Colony Cafetorium (unless otherwise specified due to extenuating circumstances). All meeting agendas are posted 48 hours in advance, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays.