2021-2022 Summary of Superintendent-Director’s Evaluation

The evaluation of the Superintendent-Director is an annual 5-step process that begins with a self-assessment using performance Standards provided by the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The self-assessment is followed by goal setting, plan implementation, a mid-year formative assessment/update and concludes with an End-of-Cycle Report on progress toward each goal and performance pertaining to the Standards. The timeline for the evaluation process begins in July and concludes in June of the following year. The evaluation process is a public process and takes place in open session at scheduled school committee meetings throughout the year.

The Superintendent-Director is rated based upon his/her performance in the following four Standards: I. Instructional Leadership; II. Management and Operations; III. Family and Community Engagement; and IV. Professional Culture. The Superintendent-Director earns a rating of Exemplary, Proficient, Needs Improvement or Unsatisfactory in each of the four standards.

As part of the summative evaluation process, the Superintendent-Director prepares an End-of Cycle Narrative Report for use by the School Committee to rate his/her summative performance in each of the four standards. At a public meeting, the School Committee presents a performance review and End-of-Cycle Summative Evaluation Report assessing attainment of the goals set at the beginning of the process and the Superintendent-Director’s performance in each of the four Standards required.

The School Committee members rated the Superintendent-Director in each of the four categories during the 2022-2023 school year, resulting in an overall summative rating of Proficient. The ratings for each of the four Standards and comments pertaining to performance are provided in the attached document. Ratings pertaining to the Superintendent-Director’s progress with regard to his goals are also included. Narrative recommendations made by the School Committee as part of the evaluation process will inform the start of the next evaluation cycle for the Superintendent-Director in 2023-2024

To view Mr. Aaron Polansky’s End-of-Cycle Summative Evaluation Report please click on the following link.


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