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Old Colony to continue S.O.S. program participation

– (11/13/06)

The Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School District, at the request of the Assistant Superintendent/Principal, will continue its participation in the S.O.S. Suicide Prevention Program. The program is sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

The S.O.S. (Signs of Suicide) Program has been implemented in more than 1,300 schools nationwide. The program teaches students about the link between suicide and depression, and that suicide is preventable. Students who participate in the S.O.S. Program achieve a greater understanding of the importance of identifying risk in themselves and others.

Additional information about the S.O.S. Program can be received from Guidance Counselors Susan Abaray, Robert Sherman, and Anne Spirlet in the Old Colony Guidance Office (Phone: 508-763-8011, ext. 126).