Category: 2004

Old Colony to participate in SOS program

– (12/6/04)

The Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School District, at the request of the Assistant Superintendent/Principal, has been selected for participation in the S.O.S. Suicide Prevention Program. The program is sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

The S.O.S. (Signs of Suicide) Program has been implemented in more then 1,300 schools nationwide. The program teaches students about the link between suicide and depression and that suicide is preventable. Students who participate in S.O.S. achieve a greater understanding of the importance of identifying risk in themselves and others.

Additional information about the S.O.S. Suicide Prevention Program can be received from Guidance Counselors Anne Spirlet and Robert Sherman in the Old Colony Guidance Office at 508-763-8011, ext. 126.


School Committee adopts SPEDPAC by-laws

– (12/6/04)

At its November meeting, the Old Colony District School Committee adopted by-laws for the Special Education Parent’s Advisory Council (SPEDPAC).

State Department of Education regulations require that by-laws be adopted for each district’s SPEDPAC. As with vocational program advisory committees, the SPEDPAC will be meeting a minimum of two times per year. The officers of the SPEDPAC shall include a chairperson or co-chairperson, a vice president, and a clerk.

Elected to date:

Mrs. Lynne Arruda (Rochester)
Mrs. Elena MacMillan (Rochester)
Mrs. Johanna Duponte (Mattapoisett)
The SPEDPAC will operate under the authority of M.G.L. Chapter 766 Regulation 600.0. Additional information concerning SPEDPAC can be received from Old Colony’s Special Services Coordinator, Patricia Foskett at 508-763-8011, ext. 142.

Mr. Brown appointed to MAVA task force

– (12/6/04)

A SouthCoast administrator has been appointed to a committee for the Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators for the 2004-2005 school year. Old Colony Assistant Superintendent/Principal, Gary Brown, was appointed to the MAVA Strategic Planning Task Force focusing on the Delivery of Curriculum and Instruction. The Task Force began its efforts in early November.

Machine & Tool instructor named to COP committee

– (12/6/04)

A vocational faculty member at Old Colony has been appointed to a committee for the development of the State Certificate of Occupational Proficiency. Due in part to the new Chapter 74 regulations, some elements relating to the Certificate of Occupational Proficiency have changed. Old Colony is pleased to announce the statewide appointment of Michael Ferreira of the school’s Machine & Tool Technology Department. The appointment was made jointly by the Massachusetts Department of Education and the Center for Career and Technical Education.

Two attend MASC/MASS conference

– (12/6/04)

An administrator and a school committee member from Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School attended the 40th Annual Joint Conference of the Massachusetts Association of School Committees (MASC) and the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents (MASS).

Superintendent-Director, David J. Ferreira, and Rochester School Committee member, Augusto B. Costa, reported that the conferences in Worcester, MA, were attended by over 1000 school committee members, superintendents, and other education leaders. Education reform initiatives were addressed from a number of perspectives throughout the program.

Superintendent moderates NEASC conference

– (12/6/04)

The Superintendent-Director at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School recently served as a moderator at the 119th Annual Meeting and Conference of the New England Association of School and Colleges. The presenter of the December 3, 2004, conference was Braden Goetz, Director of Policy, Research and Evaluation Office of Vocational and Adult Education, United States Department of Education, Washington, D.C.

Superintendent-Director David J. Ferreira serves as a Commissioner for the New England Association, the regional accrediting authority for the six New England states.

Committee to conduct policy review

– (12/6/04)

School Committee Chairman, Vincent Ryan of Rochester, has appointed a five-number committee to conduct a policy review and revision. The committee will begin next month to review and developed policy to govern the operation of the Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School District.

Appointed to serve by Chairman Ryan were:

  • Acushnet- Linda Enos
  • Carver- Darrin McDonald
  • Lakeville- Donald Foster
  • Rochester- Augusto B. Costa

Five staff members complete AED training

– (12/6/04)

Five staff members at Old Colony successfully completed voluntary defibrillator training last month. The individuals were trained to use an AED in a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. AED (automatic external defibrillators) have been available at Old Colony for a number of years.

Successfully trained staff include:

  • Jeanne Butler (Health Careers)
  • Robert Francis (Carpentry)
  • Deborah Ramos (Health Careers)
  • Eugenia Santos (Health Careers)
  • Paula Ward (School Nurse)

Staff members volunteer for 2nd Annual IT Expo

– (12/6/04)

Two members of the staff at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School have volunteered to represent the school in the Second Annual IT Expo sponsored by the SouthCoast Compact. This year’s Expo will be held in March at Bristol Community College. Jacqueline Machamer will continue this year as a member of the Expo Planning Committee, while Audrey Henry will be the school’s representative.

Old Colony, very successful at the first Information Technology Expo, plans to increase student participation in 2005.

Health Careers Program continues its excellence

– (12/6/04)

The Division of Health Care Quality of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health is one of the agencies that certifies the Health Careers Program at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School. The state agency is responsible for approving training programs in Health Careers throughout the Commonwealth.

The Health Careers Program at Old Colony, in addition to approval by the Department of Public Health, is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Massachusetts Department of Education. The program includes classroom, laboratory, and clinical experience in various health care facilities in the community. The program is a four-year curriculum of studies for qualified high school students.

During the 2004-2005 school year, the students will be affiliating with the following facilities:

  • Headstart of New Bedford
  • Sassaquin Dental Associates of New Bedford
  • New Bedford Jewish Convalescent Home, Inc.
  • Southcoast Hospital Groups

Trainworks & Old Colony begin pilot program

– (12/6/04)

Trainworks International, Inc. and Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School have entered into a Pilot relationship.

Old Colony’s Computer Information Technology and Electrical Departments will implement the system for a trial period of one year. The Departments will submit student data to Skills Plus. In turn, the program will be set up to provide student’s competency. Skills Plus will provide secure on-line implementation, ensure Internet connectivity, and provide feedback on a new crosswalk module.

Old Colony’s Automotive Department is presently working on a Competency Management Software Assessment called Skill Manager.

Skill Manager is a complete turnkey solution for reporting students’ competencies and skills. Student performances can be recorded upon completion of each task. The Skill Manager is also being reviewed by the Cosmetology and Health Careers Programs.

Students attend criminal justice careers presentation

– (12/1/04)

Old Colony students interested in the criminal justice field attended a presentation by two law enforcement officials on Dec. 1, 2004, in the cafetorium. Rochester Police Sergeant William Chamberlain discussed the many career opportunities in law enforcement and the skills necessary for success. Forensic Chemist Melissa Marino, of the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department Bureau of Criminal Investigation, presented PowerPoint slides and discussed the different avenues of careers in law enforcement, specifically in criminal investigation, fingerprint analysis, digital video imaging, photography, crime scene investigation, and crime lab analysis.

Mrs. Foskett appointed to state review team

– (11/1/04)

Patricia Foskett, the Special Services Coordinator at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School, has been appointed by Commissioner David Driscoll to serve on the 2004-2005 Coordinated Program Review Onsite Teams. The Massachusetts Department of Education conducts reviews of Title I, Special Education, Perkins, and Civil Rights on a five-year basis. Mrs. Foskett will serve on various Onsite Teams across the Commonwealth.

Mr. Overton appointed to NHS Faculty Council

– (11/1/04)

Superintendent-Director, David J. Ferreira, and National Honor Society Advisor, Christine Watling, have selected Graphic Communication and Design teacher Charles Overton for the Faculty Council of the Old Colony Chapter of the National Honor Society. Mr. Overton has been an ardent supporter of the Chapter and has been a chaperone for the NHS National Convention.

The Old Colony Chapter of the National Honor Society has been recognized numerous times at both the national and state level. The five member Faculty Council is responsible for the selection of Chapter members.

Two staff members appointed to MAVA posts

– (11/1/04)

Two members of the professional staff at Old Colony Tech have been appointed to various positions in the Massachusetts Vocational Association (MVA).

Instructors Jeanne Butler (Health Careers) and Steven Miranda (Culinary Arts) are serving as MVA Building Representatives for the 2004-2005 school year. The election of officers for the Southeast Chapter of MVA resulted in the selection of Jeanne Butler as Vice President and Steven Miranda as Treasurer.