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Student of the Month – December 2009:

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Automotive Matthew Rodriguez Lakeville
CAD – Drafting Nicholas Medeiros Lakeville
Computer Info Systems Joseph Testa Carver
Cosmetology Jzanev Leitao Lakeville
Culinary Arts Michael Bentley Acushnet
Electrical Jordan Silva Acushnet
Electronics Adam Benevides Acushnet
Graphic Comm. Aimee Gonsalves Rochester
Health Careers Emily Stallions Carver
House & Mill Carpentry Nicholas Jenkins Lakeville
Machine & Tool Robert Freitas Rochester
Metal Fabrication Jonathan Brown Acushnet

H1N1 Flu Update #5 for Parents/Guardians – (11/9/09)

November 9, 2009

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The Local Health Department is working with Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School to hold a Seasonal Flu Vaccination Clinic at the school. This Seasonal Flu Vaccination Clinic is scheduled for Tuesday, November 24, 2009 from 9:00am until the close of school. The clinic will be held at the school. I want to be perfectly clear that this is NOT the vaccine for the H1N1 flu and that this vaccine is only protection from the seasonal flu. The vaccine is available at no cost to students and only Old Colony students are eligible to receive it. This is a voluntary program, but is recommended by the CDC. There are two types of vaccines for seasonal flu: the flu shot and the nasal-spray. This vaccine will be administered through a nasal-spray for the clinic being held at Old Colony. The nasal-spray flu vaccine is only for healthy people age 2 – 49 years of age and who are not pregnant.

People who should not be vaccinated include:

  • People who have a severe allergy to chicken eggs
  • People who have had a severe reaction to an influenza vaccination in the past
  • People who have had Guillain-Barre syndrome should talk to their doctor or nurse
  • Children less that six months of age
  • People who are sick with a fever (these people can get vaccinated once their symptoms resolve
  • People with long-term health problems, with weakened immune systems, asthma, heart, lung, liver, kidney or metabolic disease or blood disorders (e.g. diabetes)

The flu vaccine takes about two weeks after vaccination for antibodies to develop in the body and provide protection. In the meantime, you are still at risk for getting the flu.

Once again, students will not be able to participate in the clinic without a parent permission form. Those students who have already submitted a permission form will be vaccinated first. We are not sure at this time how many doses we will have. For further information about the clinic, please contact the school nurse at ext. 130. For more information about influenza, go to


Gary Brown

H1N1 Flu Update #4 for Parents/Guardians – (11/6/09)

November 6, 2009

Dear Parents/Guardians:

As we progress through the 2009-2010 school year, we expect to see more cases of both the seasonal and H1N1 influenza. To help prevent the spread of each illness, we are asking that if your child has been out of school with a fever or has had any flu-like symptoms, please be sure that they report directly to the nurse’s office when they return to school. Students should not report to their first period class or shop without first reporting to the nurse’s office.

Again, I would like to remind you that all sick students should stay home at least 24 hours after they no longer have a fever. This fever-free period must be without the use of fever-reducing medicines such as Motrin or Tylenol. They should stay home until at least 24 hours after they no longer have a fever, even if they are taking antiviral medicines. Many people can expect to stay home for about four days; about 3 days with fever and one more day with no fever and no fever-reducing medicines. However, the fever with influenza can last 2-5 days or more; therefore, students should be prepared to stay home as long as it takes to become fever-free for 24 hours.

We are still waiting to hear from our local public health officials on when the vaccines will be available. If you have not filled out the parent permission forms for the seasonal and H1N1 flu vaccine, please contact the school nurse.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 508-763-8011, ext. 116, or the school nurse at ext. 130.

Gary Brown


H1N1 Flu Update #3 for Parents/Guardians – (11/3/09)

November 3, 2009

Dear Parent/Guardian:

As of today, Old Colony has had 5 suspected cases of H1N1 flu over the past week. These cases have not been confirmed. We continue to be in contact with local Health Departments to monitor the situation and will update you via this website. We still do not know when we will schedule a flu clinic – it depends on when we receive the vaccine.

Should you have any questions, please call the school nurse at 508-763-8011, ext. 130. Also, if you suspect that your child has H1N1, please let the school know. Please remember that you must keep your child home for at least 24 hours after the fever has broken without the aid of medication.

Thank you,
Gary Brown

Student of the Month – November 2009:

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Automotive Michael Poitrast Freetown
Computer Info Systems Elijah Faulkner Acushnet
Cosmetology Lacey Cabral Acushnet
Culinary Arts Lola Christensen Exchange Student
Electrical Frederick Murphy Carver
Electronics Christopher Bray Carver
Health Careers Lindsey Earle Carver
Machine & Tool Lindsey Harding Acushnet
Metal Fabrication Jared Chongarlides Acushnet

H1N1 Flu Update #2 for Parents/Guardians – (10/19/09)

October 19, 2009

Dear Parent/Guardian:

As of today, it looks like there has been a delay in the delivery of the H1N1 vaccine. The CDC has issued an advisory that all H1N1 flu clinics in October and November be canceled because they don’t have enough vaccine.

We do not have any word on the seasonal flu vaccine and when that may be available. We will keep everybody posted on this website. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school nurse.

Student of the Month – October 2009

Shop Student Town
Automotive John Mendoza Rochester
CAD – Drafting Alex Nelson Mattapoisett
Computer Info Systems Timothy Miller Freetown
Cosmetology Paige Raposa Acushnet
Culinary Arts Breann Dubois Acushnet
Electrical Kevin Smith Freetown
Electronics Brett Southworth Acushnet
Health Careers Samantha Barney Rochester
Graphic Communication & Design Samantha Chabot Acushnet
House & Mill Carpentry Joshua Faherty Freetown
Machine & Tool Jarod Ferreira Acushnet
Metal Fabrication Derek Ferreira Acushnet

2009-2010 Bulletin Board Announcements

Old Colony awarded Local Cultural Council Grant

Old Colony has been awarded one Local Cultural Council Grant. The Local Cultural Council (LCC) Program is the largest grassroots cultural funding network in the nation supporting thousands of community-based projects in the arts, humanities, and sciences annually.

The program promotes the availability of rich cultural experiences for every Massachusetts citizen. Administered by 2,400 municipally appointed volunteers, the LCC network consists of 329 councils serving all 351 Massachusetts cities and towns. Each year, local councils award more than $2 million in grants to more than 5,000 cultural programs statewide. These include school field trips, afterschool programs, concerts, festivals, lectures, theater, dance, music, and film. LCC projects take place in schools, community centers, libraries, elder care facilities, town halls, parks, and wherever communities come together.

The project proposal for Old Colony is to continue to work with local artist and author Peter Stone. Mr. Stone will be working with Old Colony’s English department on a creative writing and literature project – students will learn the understanding of symbolism.

Health Careers students get CNA certification

Old Colony RVTHS is pleased to announce that thirteen Health Careers students received their Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification after completing their written examination and competency test. Testing was performed by the American Red Cross. Students obtaining their CNA certification are eligible to participate in the school’s Cooperative Education Program at the end of their junior year.

The following students completed their testing:


  • Haleigh Arruda (Acushnet)
  • Nicole Bellefeuille (Acushnet)
  • Tamara Castro (Acushnet)
  • Rita Coppola (Lakeville)
  • Jillian Corrigan (Acushnet)
  • Kayla Cosmo (Acushnet)
  • Sarah Diggle (Freetown)
  • Amanda Johnson (Acushnet)
  • Becca Mello (Acushnet)
  • Veronica Mendoza (Rochester)
  • Jaime Pimental (Acushnet)
  • Hailee DeTerra (Acushnet)

OC student awarded D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award

Old Colony is pleased to announce that Culinary Arts senior, Kaitlyn Dextraze (Acushnet), was selected as this year’s recipient of the Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) Good Citizenship Award. The D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award recognizes and rewards high school seniors who possess good citizenship qualities of dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism in their homes, schools, and communities. Each award is given on a merit basis including completion of a questionnaire, essay, scholastic record, and a letter of recommendation. National awards for the first, second, and third-place winners include scholarships to the school of their choice.

Machine & Tool Technology program earns re-accreditation

Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School is proud to announce the Machine and Tool Technology Program has earned the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) Re-Accreditation this past month. This is the program’s second accreditation award, as it was first accredited in 2005.

NIMS Team Leader Michael Tamasi of AccuRounds (Avon, MA), led the one-day On-Site Evaluation, following the program’s submission of a passing Self-Study Kit for Re-Accreditation. In his final report, Tamasi had this to say:

“I was extremely impressed with OCRVTHS’s Machine and Tool Program. The solid commitment from school management to each program and to industry is exactly what NIMS strives to see at the high school level. The instructors were very impressive, the students were very engaged, and the advisory committee members/employers were excited when talking about the program”.

Thanks to Michael Tamasi for taking on the evaluation, as well as thanks to all the school faculty and staff members who made the award attainable and who continue to make this a strong secondary program! A special thanks to instructor Daniel E. Ducharme.

The National Institute for Metalworking (NIMS) is the nation’s only ANSI accredited developer of precision manufacturing skill standards ad competency assessments.

NIMS certifies individual skills against standards and accredits programs that meet its quality requirements. NIMS stakeholders represent over 6,000 American companies.


Old Colony recognizes Hall of Fame inductees

Old Colony recognized its Athletic Hall of Fame inductees and the John Oliveira Outstanding Service Award on March 18, 2010.

This year’s Athletic Hall of Fame honorees were Christine M. Koska (82), Vicki Camacho (89), Thiago Leonor (98), Laurie Nunes (89) and Ian Nielsen (98). Old Colony’s 1981 Mens’ Soccer Team was honored as the team inductee.

The Athletic Hall of Fame inductees are chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Open to varsity level athletes and coaches who spent at least three consecutive years at Old Colony
  • Student athletes-10 year waiting period from graduation
  • Coaches-5 year waiting period after coaching career
  • Remains a respected member of society

The John Oliveira Outstanding Service Award honoree was Mr. William F. Hubbard. This award recognizes an individual who:

  • Is a graduate who has brought honor or fame to his/her education as a successful business person, community leader, etc.
  • Is a school community member, past or present, for contributions to and support of Old Colony athletics and the Old Colony community at large

Machine & Tool senior receives Walter J. Markham award

Old Colony is pleased to announce that Jarod Ferreira, a senior in the Machine & Tool Technology Program is this year’s recipient of the Walter J. Markham award.

The award recognizes a graduating senior from a voc-tech school who exhibits leadership, good attendance, and excellence in both voc-tech and academic studies.

Sponsored by the Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators and the Massachusetts Vocational Association, the award is named for Walter J. Markham, who served as director of the Bureau for Vocational Education from 1954 to 1969, and as the first Associate Commissioner for Occupational Education from 1968 to 1970.

Jarod received a plaque, $500.00 award and was honored at the MVA Annual Convention Banquet on Saturday, March 13, 2010 in Hyannis. Jarod is the second Old Colony student to win this award. Jennifer A. Hart was our last recipient in 1994.

OC students attend 5th Annual Mass. Conference for Women

Twelve young women from Old Colony RVTHS traveled to Boston to attend the 5th Annual Massachusetts Conference for Women, held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center on December 9, 2009. The annual one-day event featured keynote speakers, a continental breakfast, and a keynote luncheon featuring Suze Ormon, a “one-woman financial advice powerhouse.”

The program also included a Young Women’s Forum especially designed for junior and senior high school girls, featuring such topics as “Think You Know How to Say No?” and “What’s Your Nutrition I.Q.?” Women and teens from Girls’ (Lifetime Empowerment & Awareness Program) taught the basics of self-defense, avoiding and de-escalating conflict, and using body and voice to manage emotions in the moment. A nutrition program presented by Lori Reamer of Canyon Ranch Spa revealed the truth behind common nutritional myths – participants gained the tips to eating right, no matter what the style.

Meant to inspire and empower our next generation of leaders, the program was presented to more than four hundred high school students, giving them an opportunity to hear from dynamic speakers, exchange ideas, and chart their own paths. Old Colony students expressed a positive response and were thankful for the opportunity given them by both the Massachusetts Conference for Women and the school.