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Old Colony SkillsUSA participants win 25 District medals

Old Colony’s Chapter of Skills USA participated in the South District Skills Competition on February 24, 2009, at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech. Over 600 students from seven southeastern Massachusetts vocational-technical high schools competed. Old Colony students did an outstanding job and captured 25 medals.

The winning District medalists were:

Bronze Medalists

  • Robert Daniel (Acushnet) – Computer Programming
  • Holly McGreavy (Mattapoisett) – Cosmetology Under 500 Hours
  • Sara Piedade (Freetown) – Cosmetology Over 500 Hours
  • Bridget LaValley (Mattapoisett) – Electronic Applications

Silver Medalists

  • Holley Taylor (Carver) – Architectural Drafting
  • Chance Avery (Carver) – Automotive Service Technology
  • Nicholas Abaray (Acushnet) – Carpentry
  • Melissa White (Acushnet) – Nail Care
  • Joseph Cook (Rochester) – Office Computer Applications
  • Brian Poland (Lakeville) – Electronics Applications
  • Jacob Cornell (Freetown) – Electronics Technology
  • Jade Worthington (Acushnet) – Computer Programming
  • James Crook (Acushnet) – Welding
  • Stephen Mantia (Carver) & Zachary Bernard (Freetown) – Web Design

Gold Medalists

  • Lane Tobiason (Acushnet) – Architectural Drafting
  • Ryan Hansen (Mattapoisett) – Automotive Service Technology
  • Nicholas Weigel (Rochester) – Carpentry
  • Tania Clementino (Acushnet) – Cosmetology Over 500 Hours
  • Chelsea Lambalot (Acushnet) – Nail Care
  • Kendra Murray (Acushnet) – Office Computer Applications
  • Jarod Ferreira (Acushnet) – Precision Machining Technology
  • Ryan Tucker (Lakeville) – Electronics Applications
  • Ryan Rheaume (Acushnet) – Electronics Technology
  • Jarred Varao (Acushnet) – Food and Beverage Service
  • Eli Reznekervitz (East Freetown) & Alexander Tironati (Freetown) – Web Design

Congratulations to all participants and winners!

SkillsUSA officers elected for 2008-2009

The SkillsUSA Chapter at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School recently completed its annual election. Elected to serve as officers of the organization for the 2008-2009 school year were:

Officer Elected Office Shop
President Danielle Mahoney Health Careers
Vice-President Ashley Lochard Health Careers
Secretary Brandy Beard Health Careers
Treasurer Melanie Cole Culinary Arts
Historian Melissa Viera Health Careers
Reporter Jaliesa Andrde Health Careers
Parliamentarian Alex Tironati CIT
Ambassador Drew Bartlett CIT
Ambassador Joseph Beadsworth CIT
Ambassador Eli Reznekervitz CIT

The SkillsUSA Chapter is led by Co-Advisors John Mare and Steven Miranda.

OC students win 4 SkillsUSA medals at 2008 state competition

The Old Colony chapter of Skills USA had a very successful weekend at the State Skills and Leadership Conference in Marlborough, MA. On May 1, 2, and 3, Old Colony students pitted their skills against other vocational students in Massachusetts. This conference boasts 2500 participants. Old Colony was represented by 22 contestants and 10 delegates in 12 contests and they captured 4 medals. The results were as follows:

2008 SkillsUSA State Medalists

  • Jake Shulenburg (Carver) – Bronze Medal – Electronics Applications
  • Steven Verroneau (Acushnet) – Bronze Medal – Precision Machining Technology
  • Michael Carberry (Rochester) – Silver Medal – Electronics Technology
  • Adam Veary (Rochester) & Alexander Tironati (Freetown) – Silver Medal – Web Design

Congratulations to all participants and winners!

Old Colony SkillsUSA participants win 19 District medals

Old Colony’s Chapter of Skills USA participated in the South District Skills Competition on March 13, 2008, at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech. Over 600 students from the southeastern Massachusetts region competed. seventy-seven Old Colony students participated and captured 19 medals. The winning medalists were:

Bronze Medalists

  • Daniel Rounseville (Rochester) – Carpentry
  • Jade Worthington (Acushnet) – Computer Programming
  • Justin Nelson (Mattapoisett) – Electronic Applications
  • Michael Carberry (Rochester) – Electronics Technology
  • Matthew Willett (Carver) – Office Computer Applications
  • Alex Buckley (Rochester) – Precision Machining Technology
  • Adam Veary (East Freetown) & Alex Tironati (Freetown) – Web Design

Silver Medalists

  • Christopher Fisher (Carver) – Computer Programming
  • Ryan Rheaume (Acushnet) – Electronics Technology
  • Melissa Viera (Acushnet) – Nurse Assisting
  • Steve Verroneau (Acushnet) – Precision Machining Technology
  • Jake Shulenburg (Carver) – Electronic Applications

Gold Medalists

  • Brandon Camara (Mattapoisett) – Power Equipment Technology
  • Kendra Murray (Acushnet) – Office Computer Applications
  • William DeCosta (Mattapoisett) – Food and Beverage Service
  • Michael Poland (Lakeville) – Computer Programming
  • Robert Cost (Carver) – Culinary Arts
  • Brendan Begley (Lakeville) – Electronic Applications
  • Eli Reznekervitz (East Freetown) & Drew Bartlett (Lakeville) – Web Design

In addition to the skills contest medalists, Old Colony will be bringing two candidates for state officer. After a written test on Skills USA Knowledge, Etiquette, and Parliamentary Procedure, as well as a personal interview, our students are moving on to the election at the State Conference. The two nominees are Samantha Lucas, Lakeville (Culinary Arts) and Danielle Mahoney, Carver (Health Careers).

Congratulations to all participants and winners!