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John and Abigail Adams Scholarship Recipents

Class of 2021 Adams Scholarship Recipients

Bache, Jacob

Bangs, Owen

Blanchard, Audrey

Blouin, Ashlyn

Boren, Jared

Brunette, Benjamin

Caswell, James

Chambers, Cameron

Cotti, Mattelyn

Darcy, Isabelle

DeSousa, Austin

Duong, Krystal

Durant, Taylor

Farias, Bridget

Finney, Joshua

Franco, Dawson

Lambert, Christopher

Larkin, Emily

Lima, Colin

MacKay, Anthony

McGuiggan, Ryan

Mendes, Austin

Miller, Samantha

Mills, James

Owen, Carter

Papadakis, Nickolas

Pimental, Dylan

Quail, David

Staples, Dustin

Stone, Sabrina

Trahan, Camrin

Varao, Victoria

Wood, Shawn

MCAS Update

October 5, 2020

Dear Old Colony Households,

The Department of Education has released new information concerning MCAS testing. Students in grades 9,10 and 11 will be tested this academic year.  These testing cycles will provide opportunities for our students to receive Competency Determinations in the required subjects.

The following are the testing windows for our students:

Grade 11- January 19 – February 4   Math, ELA

Grade 10-  May 18-27    Math , ELA

Dates TBD 

Option to retest for grade 11

Grade 9-    May 18-27       Biology

The tests will be a computer based with the option for grade 11 students to do paper based ELA in May if they are not successful during the January testing window.  Students in grades 10, 11, and 12 are not required to test or retest in Science, as DESE is accepting a passing grade in an approved Science course as Competency Determination.

Old Colony’s administration and staff are committed to the continued academic success of all our students and we are dedicated partners in the process of their individual preparation and achievement. In addition to targeted assistance through Title I programming, our English and Math Departments will be incorporating continuous content review and practice test exercises. Teacher office hours and Open Library are also venues to receive extra support and review time. We  encourage students to utilize MCAS practice materials at Pearson Access Next and the resources at DESE.

If you have questions or concerns please contact us.


Thank you,

Michael Parker, Principal

Catherine Tuiccinardi, Academic Coordinator

Johanna Kaufman, Data, MCAS, Title I Director: Grants Coordinator/Writer

Welcome Back Grade 9 & 11!

Your academic teachers are excited to welcome you back to class!  During our orientation days we reviewed the following information with you but wanted to send a quick reminder since it’s been a few weeks.

You should have been invited and joined all of your Google Classrooms for each of your academic subjects.  On Monday morning, follow your “Remote Learning Schedule” that you received in school, with your first class beginning at 8:15am.  The links to the live sessions are under the “Coursework” tab in the “Materials” folder.  If you or your student is questioning where to find the link for the live sessions, please watch “Live Class Links & Google Basics” tutorial in the Remote Learning folder on our website under our “Academics” tab. In this folder you will also find other important material related to remote learning that your student returned home with after their morning here in the building.

Please read through and review the options beginning at 1:20 (though grade 11 students are required to attend Academic Related classes Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays), and also review our Remote Learning Norms.  Students are required to come to class with their cameras on and their microphones accessible.  Teachers will be working hard to get to know students, build relationships, and assess the remediation that may be necessary due to last spring’s abrupt closure.  Please log into class ready to engage, participate and learn!  If you have questions, your instructors and guidance counselors are there to help.  Have a wonderful first academic cycle!

PEBT Update September 11th

On September 11, DESE announced the third round of pandemic EBT credits. This round will include only the month of September and is likely to be followed by a fourth iteration. Any student who is registered for Free/Reduced lunch will receive a credit to their PEBT account. The credit will cover only those September days when a student was a) not in school due to our calendar change for the start of the school year and/or b) was in remote instruction. 

We will continue to keep our community members updated on changes and developments in DTA’s pandemic food program. 

Please contact the School Nutrition Director Crystal Andrade( or the Assistant Principal, Gary Linehan( if you have questions or concerns.

2020-2021 Bus Routes

Parents please keep in mind that there is only a bus stop if you responded yes to needing transportation on the survey.  Due to assigned seating students will also be refused at a bus stop, if you answered no. 

 If you have specific questions or concerns regarding transportation or you would like to request transportation, please contact Maria Szymanski the Main Office receptionist at 508-763-8011 ext. 111.

OC AM Grade 9 & 11

OC PM Grade 9 & 11

OC AM Grade 10 & 12

OC PM Grade 10 & 12

Fall Season Rescheduled

Good Evening Old Colony Families,

We hope this letter finds you well and that your summer has allowed for some rest and relaxation in the midst of our uncertain times. As we prepare for the reopening of school, the health, safety and wellness of our student-athletes, coaches, game officials, and others associated with our athletic programs remain a top priority. Throughout the course of the summer, we have received hundreds of pages of guidance that has directed the school reopening process.


Recent guidance released by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) in collaboration with the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA), has provided us with the option of moving our fall athletic season to a floating season in between the winter and spring. The alternative is a fall season with the potential for shutdown, modified rules, and limited attendance for spectators (if any) at athletic events. In short, we believe that our student-athletes deserve more. For this reason, and many others, we will be moving our fall season to a floating season in between winter and spring athletics.

The Mayflower Athletic Conference Athletic Directors are currently collaborating to formulate a comprehensive plan for the transition from our typical fall season to the floating season as permitted by DESE and the MIAA. Interscholastic sport seasons will look different in communities throughout the state. Our efforts have been focused on creating consistency within the Mayflower Athletic Conference and among vocational schools of similar size. We are confident in the collaboration that has taken place to date. Discussions will continue as a result of the fluidity of what we are experiencing.

There are many variables that still need to be discussed, considered and approved in order for Old Colony High School to safely sanction this athletic opportunity. Our goal over the next few weeks is to engage in healthy discussions with school department officials, athletic conference members and other local high schools to review the options for providing our students with the most rewarding experience possible. Old Colony will continue to work tirelessly to provide a realistic and safe athletic experience for all participants and remains committed to releasing updated information as details become available.




Matthew J. Trahan, C.A.A.


Director of Athletics

Aerial Adulticide Application for EEE

To whom it may concern:

You are receiving this email because you have been identified as an entity that requires notification prior to an aerial spray or wide area emergency operation under M.G.L. c. 252, Section 2A. Following the issuance by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health of both a “Determination of Elevated Risk of Arbovirus” and a “Certificate of Public Health Hazard That Requires Pesticide Application to Protect Public Health,” the State Reclamation and Mosquito Control Board (SRMCB) has voted to conduct an aerial adulticide application to control mosquitoes carrying Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE).

The date, time, and location of the spray area, as well as a fact sheet about the product to be applied and other relevant information, is posted at

Please note that you may be receiving this notification because your contact address is located in a city or town identified to be sprayed, but your farm, apiary, land, school, or general location may not be within the actual area to be sprayed. Also, some towns or cities may only be partially included in the spray area. To see a detailed map of the spray area once it is posted, visit

Also, please note that if you previously requested to be excluded from applications under 333 CMR 13.03 by filing an exclusion request with the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, your exclusion request will not be honored because of the application is being made under a Certification of a Public Health Hazard by the Department of Public Health.

If you have previously requested to opt out of aerial spraying or other wide area emergency operations under M.G.L. c. 252, Section 2A, the SRMCB has voted to exercise its authority to waive any opt out under its authority set forth in M.G.L. c. 252, Section 2A and as further authorized by 333 CMR 13.03(3) when the Commissioner of Public Health certifies that an application needs to be made to protect public health.

PEBT Update

The Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) added $199.50 in food benefits to each Pandemic-EBT (P-EBT) card at the end of June. The amount was automatically added to existing cards; families do NOT need a new P-EBT card, and they do NOT need to reactivate their card. Families can check their balance by calling the number on the back of their card.
Families should have received a P-EBT card if one of their children was receiving free or reduced-price school meals under the National School Lunch Program before schools closed for the pandemic and they do not actively receive DTA benefits (SNAP and TAFDC). If families lost their P-EBT card or believe they are eligible and did not receive one, they should visit More information and outreach materials are also available at that site.

Families who are still waiting to receive their P-EBT Card:

As of July 21, DTA has started the process of printing and mailing outstanding cards to families who are still waiting to receive them. Please note: not all families will receive their cards right away. They are continuing to print and mail cards over the next few weeks. Please be patient if you are waiting for yours, especially when you begin to see other families receiving their cards. If you do not receive your card in two weeks, check in with the FoodSource Hotline for an update: 1-800-645-8333. Monday-Friday: 8am-7pm. Saturday: 10am-2pm.

Click here for more information.