2006, News

CIT students earn BCC credits

Computer Information Technology (CIT) students at Old Colony are involved in a unique learning opportunity. The students are enrolled as “distance learning students” at Bristol Community College. In effect, they are earning college credits and participating in college online courses, while at school. Courses in Information Technology (IT) Fluency 1 and 2 are being offered.

The following Old Colony Students are currently enrolled:

  • Annie Bowen (Acushnet)
  • Benjamin Dellarocco (Freetown)
  • Christopher Fisher (Carver)
  • Michael Poland (Lakeville)
  • Keith Vieira (Freetown)
  • Zachary Card (Carver)
  • Kyle DeSousa (Acushnet)
  • Jared LaFreniere (Acushnet)
  • Adam Veary (Freetown)
  • Matthew Willett (Carver)