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CIT Students enroll in BCC Courses

Computer Information Technology students at Old Colony are involved in a unique learning opportunity this semester. The students are enrolled as “distance learning students” at Bristol Community College. In effect, they are earning college credit and participating in college online courses while at school.

The following Old Colony students are currently enrolled the “IT Fluency” course:


Kristy Bernacchio (Lakeville)
Stefan Beaulieu (Acushnet)
Lisa Ellis (Freetown)
Christopher Froh (Acushnet)
Michael Gadbois (Freetown)
Jeffrey Golenski (Acushnet)
Matthew Girouard (Acushnet)
Richard Grindrod (Lakeville)
Nicholas Jenkins (Freetown)
Scott Lombard (Carver)
Beth Madden (Rochester)
Rebecca Viera (Acushnet)
Daniel Wales (Acushnet)


Matthew Adriano (Rochester)
Alexander Amaral (Acushnet)
Stephen Bernat (Acushnet)
Timothy Blanchard (Carver)
Heather Cardinal (Rochester)
David Cook (Rochester)
Brandon Duarte (Acushnet)
Joshua Furtado (Rochester)
Bryant Hampston (Lakeville)
Matthew Leonard (Acushnet)
Nicole Madden (Carver)
Keith Morgado (Freetown)
Kyle O’Neil (Lakeville)
Thomas Ouellette (Freetown)
Jessica Williams (Carver)