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Much design work is undertaken to improve an existing product or system by utilization of new materials, new techniques, or new systems or procedures. Each year the seniors define the specific topic for their design project. They use research and hand sketches to further develop their product, generate the technical drawings, use SolidWorks for 3D modeling, and construct a physical prototype of their final product.


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CADD Students Visit Reebok



The CADD students from the Senior and Sophomore classes visited Reebok Headquarters located in Canton, MA on Tuesday, December 9th. Students toured the prototyping area where new products are developed and refined. They were introduced to the four different types of 3-D, rapid prototyping printers used for product development. A representative from the Research and Development Department explained the need for having the different types of printers, costs associated, average cost printing a workpiece (initial prototype), and materials used by the printers.  He explained that the printer selection is dependent upon the level of complexity and detail needed by the designer to communicate his/her particular idea.  There were a variety of samples on hand for students to view and touch. Students were also able to see a 3D scanning device being used, as individual scans of students were made by the technician. A 3D print will be made from those students who were scanned and the models will be mailed to the school. Students also toured the area of the facility where materials are selected for use in products. Students saw how material is patterned and cut by machinery, how a shoe is “lasted” (prepared for the attachment of the upper portion to the shoe’s sole), and the techniques used to attach the upper portion of the sneaker to the sole.  In addition, the ability to transfer an image from computer to cloth was demonstrated.


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