Technology Integration

The school-wide technology integrated curriculum started as a response to address the common strands of the vocational curriculum frameworks. It started with 2 school-wide projects and has grown to four. The intent is to expand the program so that all common strands are covered and technology integrated projects are included in all grade and content areas.

The major curricular change includes incorporating computer technology as a tool for teaching and learning. Through the use of computer technology, instructors will be able to reinforce content specific topics (Strand 2), introduce or enhance employability (Strand 4) and management/entrepreneurship (Strand 5) concepts through project-based interdisciplinary computer technology activities. In doing so, students will additionally develop computer technology skills (Strand 6).

The activities will have a common structure that relate to and can be customized to each technical area’s specific content. The instructional strategy that will be incorporated is a co-teaching model. The collaborators will be a vocational instructor, to provide content specific instruction and support, and a computer specialist, to provide IT instruction and support.

We are confident that the inclusion of integrated projects across the vocational and academic curriculum will foster camaraderie in pursuit of common goals in addition to reaching our ultimate goal of increasing student achievement and skills mastery.

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