Electronic Engineering Technology

Welcome to the Electronic Engineering Technologies Program! We are currently working on our 5-year contingency plan for upgrading the program.

The course will offer the following:

  • Basic Electronics & Digital Electronics Theory
  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Repairs
  • Microprocessor Theory & Programming
  • Robotics Programming & Construction
  • Computer/Network Fabrication, Repair, & Support
  • Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Mobile Electronics Certification (MECP)
  • Preparation for the Certified Electronic Technician (C.E.T./ETA) Exam

Students will become familiar with the following equipment and programs:

  • Digital Logic Probes, Oscilloscopes, and Analog/Digital Multimeters
  • Frequency Counters and Watt Meters
  • Basic Stamp II Ladder Logics (as pictured)
  • PROGO (Legos Mindstorm Kit)
  • Windows Registry Functions