Business Technology

The Business Technology program has undergone some serious changes over the past few years and is quickly creating a name for itself at Old Colony. Transitioning the department from an Office focus to a Business focus has allowed for many new opportunities in both the students’ education and their employment areas. Although office tools are still learned and utilized, the new core skillset is directed more towards the business leaders of tomorrow: the decision makers, problem solvers, and project managers of the future. They use their computer skills as the tools needed to work in today’s modern businesses.

With four new areas of focus, students put these skills to use almost immediately while in the Business Technology program. The help desk, school store, bank, and media departments all offer unique real world experiences. Students work in all departments throughout their first few cycles in the program until they find an area that best fits their skills and future goals. Upperclassmen spend more time working in their area of choice as managers and leaders in their departments, working on scheduling, growth planning, and employee evaluations to name a few.

Our students are ready to hit the work force upon graduation in the areas of customer service, help desk, retail, banking, billing, and media communications. Students with plans on attending college not only have the advanced computer skills they will need, but also the skills needed to manage large projects, problem solve, and communicate effectively.