Chemistry Class 1

Welcome to Old Colony Science!

The science department at Old Colony provides its students with the skills and knowledge necessary to be scientifically literate citizens who can make informed decisions about the world  in which they live. We offer students a science curriculum that includes courses in the physical sciences and  life sciences.

Old Colony requires students to take three years of science.  The sequence students follow in our core sequence of courses includes technology/engineering  in 9th grade, biology in 10th grade, and either chemistry in the 11th grade or physics in the 12th grade.   All courses are offered at the college preparatory and honors levels.

All 9th graders take the Technology and Engineering MCAS at the end of their freshman year. If a student does not pass this exam, then he or she will be provided with additional testing opportunities.

Old Colony RVTHS Science Department

An interesting thought about Science:

— If it STINKS, it’s probably CHEMISTRY!
— If it’s SLIMY, it’s probably BIOLOGY!
— If it is ENERGETIC, it’s probably PHYSICS!

Freshman Year:  Honors or College Prep laboratory course in Technology & Engineering (MCAS exam at the end of the year)
Chemistry Class 2Sophomore Year:All sophomores will take Honors or College Prep Biology (MCAS exam at the end of the year if the Tech/Engineering MCAS was not passed in the freshman year)

Junior Year:
Students in Culinary Arts, Graphic Communication, Health Careers, Cosmetology, and CIS will take College Prep or Honors Chemistry

Senior Year:
Students in Millwork and Carpentry, Electrical, Electronics Engineering, Machine and Tool, Automotive Technology, Welding and Metal Fabrication, and CAD will take College Prep or Honors Physics

The science department offers a variety of challenging courses necessary to fulfill the requirements for acceptance into post-secondary institutions. Students participate in scientific experiments utilizing laboratory equipment interfaced with computer technology.