Aerial Adulticide Application for EEE

To whom it may concern:

You are receiving this email because you have been identified as an entity that requires notification prior to an aerial spray or wide area emergency operation under M.G.L. c. 252, Section 2A. Following the issuance by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health of both a “Determination of Elevated Risk of Arbovirus” and a “Certificate of Public Health Hazard That Requires Pesticide Application to Protect Public Health,” the State Reclamation and Mosquito Control Board (SRMCB) has voted to conduct an aerial adulticide application to control mosquitoes carrying Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE).

The date, time, and location of the spray area, as well as a fact sheet about the product to be applied and other relevant information, is posted at

Please note that you may be receiving this notification because your contact address is located in a city or town identified to be sprayed, but your farm, apiary, land, school, or general location may not be within the actual area to be sprayed. Also, some towns or cities may only be partially included in the spray area. To see a detailed map of the spray area once it is posted, visit

Also, please note that if you previously requested to be excluded from applications under 333 CMR 13.03 by filing an exclusion request with the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, your exclusion request will not be honored because of the application is being made under a Certification of a Public Health Hazard by the Department of Public Health.

If you have previously requested to opt out of aerial spraying or other wide area emergency operations under M.G.L. c. 252, Section 2A, the SRMCB has voted to exercise its authority to waive any opt out under its authority set forth in M.G.L. c. 252, Section 2A and as further authorized by 333 CMR 13.03(3) when the Commissioner of Public Health certifies that an application needs to be made to protect public health.

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Leave your options open. Apply today and make your decision in March. 8th grade students from Acushnet, Carver, Lakeville, Mattapoisett, and Rochester are invited to begin the application process at

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476 North Avenue, Rochester, Massachusetts, 02770

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