Breakfast Program

Old Colony will be starting up a School Breakfast program on November 5, 2012. The students will be required to sign up (form will be distributed) and receive a pass to participate. The program will initially start at 7:15 AM.

  • The students will need the pass to leave the bus and enter the building prior to 7:30 AM
  • Driving students will need a pass to enter the building prior to 7:30.
  • All students entering the building prior to 7:30 must have a pass and are to go to the cafeteria.
  • No one will leave the cafeteria before 7:30.
  • All food and beverages must be consumed in the Cafeteria and can’t leave the Cafeteria.
  • All students will have to finish by 7:40 in order for students to be ready for their first class at 7:45
  • Regular breakfast is $1.50
  • Reduced price breakfast is $.30

At this time pre-payment will be by cash or check and credited to your account. We are anticipating on-line payment on our web site by the first of December. The Administration and staff at Old Colony urge the participation in our breakfast program since it gives the students a greater chance of being successful.

Apply Now

Leave your options open. Apply today and make your decision in March. 8th grade students from Acushnet, Carver, Lakeville, Mattapoisett, and Rochester are invited to begin the application process at

Address and Contact

476 North Avenue, Rochester, Massachusetts, 02770

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