Baseball – (2010-2011)

Boys’ Baseball: 2010-2011 Season






04/01/11 3:30PM Southeastern Reg High School 5-6 L Away
04/05/11 3:30PM Avon Middle-High School 5-14 W Home
04/11/11 3:30PM Holbrook High School 4-1 L Home
04/13/11 3:30PM Norfolk County Agricultural High 16-8 W Away
04/19/11 10:00PM West Bridgewater High School 4-6 L Away
04/19/11 12:00PM West Bridgewater High School 2-8 L Away
04/20/11 10:00AM Bristol Plymouth Reg Tech School 5-11 W Home
04/25/11 7:00PM Bishop Connolly High School 10-0 L Home
04/27/11 3:30PM South Shore Reg Voc-tech High 4-3 W Away
05/03/11 3:30PM Avon Middle-High School 13-0 W Away
05/06/11 7:00PM Upper Cape Cod Reg HighSchool 2-1 W Home
05/09/11 3:30PM Holbrook High School 4-2 W Away
05/11/11 3:30PM Norfolk County Agricultural High School 10-2 W Home
05/16/11 7:00PM South Shore Reg Voc-Tech High ? ? Home
05/18/11 7:00PM Upper Cape Cod Reg Voc-tech High ? ? Away
05/20/11 3:30PM Southeaster Reg Voc High School 3-7 L Home
05/24/11 3:30PM Bishop Connolly High School ? ? Away
05/25/11 3:30PM Bristol Plymouth Reg Tech School 4-15 L Away
Current Season Record: Win: 8; Lose: 7; Tie: 0;

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