2006, News

Juniors complete 10-hour safety course

Old Colony’s Machine & Tool Technology Department, Metal Fabrication & Joining Technologies Department, and Electrical Department conducted a 10-hour safety course for their junior classes from November 27 through December 8, 2006. Daniel Ducharme of Machine & Tool Technologies, Kristoffer Garcia of Metal Fabrication & Joining Technologies, and Marcus Ashley of the Electrical Department were the administrators of the 10-hour safety course. Timothy Irving, an OSHA compliance officer, also helped conduct the training.

The following students completed and passed the 10-hour safety course, which has now become a requirement for the Certificate of Occupational Proficiency:

Machine & Tool Technology

  • Joseph Callahan (Carver)
  • Nicholas Howes (Lakeville)
  • David Marujo (Acushnet)
  • William McCombe (Rochester)
  • Nicholas Nelson (Carver)
  • Kevin O’Reilly (Lakeville)
  • Christopher Perry (Carver)
  • Thomas Porell (Lakeville)
  • Nicholas Rice (Carver)
  • Kevin Sferrazza (Lakeville)
  • Devan Spellman (Acushnet)
  • Kyle Valentim (Acushnet)
  • Steven Verronneau (Acushnet)

Metal Fabrication & Joining Technologies

  • Paul Berube (Freetown)
  • Joshua Janczewski (Carver)
  • Joshua Lang (Lakeville)
  • Andrew Lyonnais (Acushnet)
  • Alex Smith (Freetown)
  • Nathan Tavares (Freetown)
Electrical Department

  • Joshua Cardin (Lakeville)
  • Jesse Carvalho (Acushnet)
  • Benjamin Crowner (Carver)
  • Justin DeSousa (Mattapoisett)
  • Kevin Doherty (Carver)
  • Derek Faulk (Freetown)
  • Shawn Ferreira(Acushnet)
  • David Flint (Freetown)
  • Michael Nunes (Rochester)
  • Tomas O’Brien (Carver)
  • Richard Rodrigues (Acushnet)
  • Adam Taylor (Acushnet)