2006, News

New NHS members inducted

Twenty students have been selected for membership in the Old Colony Chapter of the National Honor Society. The students, selected by the Faculty Council, were inducted at the May 9, 2006, National Honor Society Induction Ceremony.

Class of 2006: Corey T. Silveira.

Class of 2007: Morgan E. Aguiar, Neil E. Andre, Garrett J. Dunham, Daniel P. Hurd, Melissa A. Jones, Christopher T. Kirk, Jennifer L. Lewis, Lindsay B. Noyes, Richard A. Pemberton, Baylee A.Ricci, and Nicholas A. Shepler.

Class of 2008: Corey E. Beecher, Alex. R. Buckley, Zachary M. Card, Kerri Ann Kauranen, Kathryn A. Lawton, Micheal J. Poland, Ryan O. Rodirgues, and Daniel E. Rounseville.