2005-2006 Old Colony SkillsUSA Competition

On January 25, 2006, Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School held its annual schoolwide SkillsUSA Awards Ceremony. Students in Old Colony’s twelve vocational training areas competed in twenty-one skill competitions covering various aspects of each vocational program. All award winners will now be eligible to compete at the district competition to be held March 2, 2006, at Upper Cape Regional Vocational Technical High School.

Result of the competition announced at an assembly on January 25, 2006:

Architectural Drafting
Gold Medalist – Baylee Ricci (Carver)
Silver Medalist – Jennifer Lewis (Lakeville)
Bronze Medalist – Justin Pekham (Acushnet)
Finalist – Ryan Rodrigues (Acushnet)
Auto Service Technology
Gold Medalist – Nathan Dellecese (Acushnet)
Silver Medalist – Jason Gifford (Acushnet)
Bronze Medalist – Michael Ferreira (Assonet)
Gold Medalist – Richard Pemberton (E. Freetown)
Silver Medalist – Brandon Dion(Acushnet)
Bronze Medalist – Harrie Ashley (E. Freetown)
Finalist – Scott Hooley (Lakeville)
Commercial Baking
Gold Medalist – Nicholas Shepler (Acushnet)
Silver Medalist – Madeleine Lafleur (Acushnet)
Bronze Medalist – Jonathan Denham (Rochester)
Finalist – Joshua Pinzino (Acushnet)
Computer Maintenance Technology
Gold Medalist – Cullen Fahey (Carver)
Silver Medalist – Derek Crippen (Mattapoisett)
Bronze Medalist – Sean Doyle (Carver)
Finalist – Jared Galvin (Assonet)
Cosmetology Stylist (Over 500 hours)
Gold Medalist Stylist: Nicole Doyle (E. Freetown)
Silver Medalist Stylist: Holly Tomkiewicz (E. Freetown)
Bronze Medalist
Stylist: Kindsey Ciacci (Acushnet)
Finalist – Stylist: Johnelle Roderick (Acushnet)
Cosmetology Stylist (Under 500 hours)
Gold Medalist –
Stylist: Chelsey Espinola (Acushnet)
Silver Medalist –
Stylist: Danielle Leary (Acushnet)
Bronze Medalist –
Stylist: Melissa Jones (Freetown)
Finalist –
Stylist: Yahaira Robles-Fero (Rochester)
Culinary Arts
Gold Medalist – Jennifer Frates (Acushnet)
Silver Medalist – Andre Arsenault (Acushnet)
Bronze Medalist – Robert Cost (Carver)
Finalist – Erin Mello (Acushnet)
Electronic Applications
Gold Medalist – Jake Shulenburg (Carver)
Silver Medalist – James Cornwall (Carver)
Bronze Medalist – Kevin Burns (Carver)
Finalist Medalist – Keith McAvoy (Assonet)
Electronic Technology
Gold Medalist – Robert Loesher (Carver)
Silver Medalist – Amanda Murdoch (Acushnet)
Bronze Medalist – Justin Nelson (Mattapoisett)
Finalist Medalist – Michael Carberry (Rochester)
Graphic Communications
Gold Medalist – Melissa Almeida (Acushnet)
Silver Medalist – Hannah Savaria (Rochester)
Bronze Medalist – Meghan Silva (Lakeville)
Finalist Medalist – Dominique Tate (Lakeville)
Nail Care
Gold Medalist – Angela Crowley (E. Freetown)
Silver Medalist – Ashley Bianchini (Lakeville)
Bronze Medalist – Krystle Boulanger (Rochester)
Finalist Medalist – Cassandra Marujo (Acushnet)
Nurse Assistant & Orderly
Gold Medalist – Vicky Fernandes (E. Freetown)
Silver Medalist – Kathryn Lawton (Acushnet)
Bronze Medalist – Jared Jacobs (Carver)
Finalist – Rebecca Dexter (Carver)
Precision Machining Technology
Gold Medalist – Steve Cleary (Rochester)
Silver Medalist – Ross Ferreira (Acushnet)
Bronze Medalist – Dwight McCombe (Rochester)
Finalist – Mathew Hudon (Acushnet)
Residential Wiring
Gold Medalist – David O’Brien (Carver)
Silver Medalist – Alexander Knox (Acushnet)
Bronze Medalist – Joshua Hopkinson (Mattapoisett)
Finalist – Kyle Nelson (Rochester)
Technical Computer Applications
Gold Medalist – Zachary Card (Carver)
Silver Medalist – Christopher Fisher (Carver)
Bronze Medalist – Michael Poland (Lakeville)
Finalist – Thomas Ouellette (E. Freetown)
Technical Drafting
Gold Medalist – Jonathan Delgado (Acushnet)
Silver Medalist – Michael Ricardo (Carver)
Bronze Medalist – Ryan J. St. Pierre (Acushnet)
Finalist – Nikolas J. Baccelli (E. Freetown)
Web Design
Gold Medalist – Jeffrey Cormier (Acushnet)
Gold Medalist – Christopher Kirk (Acushnet)
Silver Medalist – Kyle O’Neill (Lakeville)
Silver Medalist – Keith Morgado (E. Freetown)
Bronze Medalist – Adam Veary (Freetown)
Bronze Medalist – Matthew Willett (Carver)
Finalist Medalist – Michael Cormier (Mattapoisett)
Finalist Medalist – Nicholas DeBrum (Lakeville)
Gold Medalist – Shawn Carvalho (Acushnet)
Silver Medalist – Joshua Craig (Lakeville)
Bronze Medalist – Joshua Lang (Lakeville)
Finalist Medalist – Paul Berube (Assonet)
Computer Programing
Gold Medalist – David Cook (Rochester)
Silver Medalist – Jamie Pooler (Carver)
Bronze Medalist – Bryant Hampston (Lakeville)
Finalist Medalist – Brandin Duarte (Acushnet)
Food and Beverage Service
Gold Medalist – Jennifer Babineau (Rochester)
Silver Medalist – Stephany Kendrick (Carver)
Bronze Medalist – Raquel Alphonse (Acushnet)
Finalist Medalist – Jessica DeSousa (Acushnet)
Air Cooled Engine Technology
Gold Medalist – Travis Lalli (Rochester)
Silver Medalist – Christopher Jones (Lakeville)
Bronze Medalist – Brandon Camara (Mattapoisett)
Finalist Medalist – Eric Laraia (E.Freetown)
All award winners will now be eligible compete at the Skills USA District Conference to be held at Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical High School in Bourne, MA, on March 2, 2006.

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