2005, News

CIT students redesign web pages for BSC professor

Four juniors from the Computer Information Technology Department at Old Colony successfully completed a five-page website redesign for a professor from Bridgewater State College.

Keith Morgado and Thomas Ouellette, both from Freetown, were the primary contributors to this project, with assistance from Bryant Hampston (Lakeville) and David Cook (Rochester).

The Old Colony students worked on the website of Dr. Elizabeth K. Englander, a Professor of Psychology at Bridgewater State College. Dr. Englander is also the Director of the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center, a coalition of experts in childhood aggression and violence, whose mission is to bring assistance, at no or low cost, to K-12 schools in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The students took the professor’s existing web content and built a new layout and “stylesheet” for the website. The stylesheet determines the “look and feel” of a website- background colors, text color, size of headings, fonts, etc. The CIT student also created a new banner for the website re-design.