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Old Colony Athletics Philosophy

Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School will strive to provide our students with the finest Athletic Program possible. The athletic facilities, equipment, uniforms, and coaching must be of the highest caliber. Regardless of number, we will try to involve as many students as possible, both male and female. Every experience, practice, or game should be instructional and enjoyable. Discipline, fair play, good sportsmanship, and conduct must be of prime concern for all coaches.

Athletic Directors Welcome:

To Old Colony Athletes and Parents,

Welcome to another exciting year of Old Colony athletics.

To our athletes we say – “With your hard work, dedication, sportsmanship and team play, you will make the school year a rewarding and enjoyable experience.”

To our parents we say – “Thank you for your loyalty to OC Athletics and for supporting our efforts to provide a wholesome, competitive environment for your student-athletes.”

We all need to work together for a common goal – to make the high school sports experience a rewarding one for everyone concerned. This includes the athletes, the coaches, the parents and the fans.

Please keep in mind at all times that our athletic venues are, in fact, classrooms, just as much as the technical areas, labs and classrooms we have in our building. We need to be teaching our young adults and ourselves that competitive, educational athletics can offer a great deal to someone’s life. Also keep in mind that playing a sport is a privilege and playing time is determined by the coach.

Together, let’s always, and in all ways, celebrate the efforts of our players and coaches as they strive to make Old Colony the best! Go Cougars, and have an enjoyable school year.

Thank you from the Old Colony Athletic Department, Administration, and Coaching Staff.

Matthew J. Trahan, C.A.A., A.I.C.

Director of Athletics
Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School

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